Book cover: Carry Me Home

"Tremendous courage and spirit."
Prima Magazine

"An engaging story of how to deal with tragedy and find happiness."
The Sun

CARRY ME HOME: a daughter's story of loss, courage and hope.


‘This was no ordinary tea party. It was my mother's funeral. She had died a few days before in a blinding crash of glass and smashing steel, right next to me. Her body slumped on mine, her blood dripping into my eyes, thicker than tears. She was giving me a driving lesson when we had the accident. She was fifty-six years old and I was seventeen. In a matter of moments my world shattered. My mother was dead and I was left to deal with the wreckage and I had absolutely no idea how to do that.’ From Carry Me Home.

When Catherine Lucas was a teenager she was involved in a horrific car accident. Catherine was driving the car; her mother was in the passenger seat and died beside her. From that moment until many years later, Catherine buried her grief and guilt deep within herself, where it threatened to destroy her.

This is the very personal and engaging story of Catherine’s journey through tragedy to transformation. Driven by a longing deep within her soul, she embarked upon a journey of self-discovery, that not only taught her how to heal the pain and guilt of the accident, but that lead her through a process of spiritual awakening to true wholeness in mind, body and spirit. Sharing the lessons and insights that she learnt along the way, she shows how happiness, freedom and joy can be found even after the most terrible sadness.

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