God - it is such a short word and yet it is the cause of so much hurt, anger and confusion. At the same time it is one of the only words in the English Language that points towards the great mystery that is the source of our being, so we can't really afford to stop using it. Instead, I think we have to figure out for ourselves what it really means and actually this is vitally important because it involves working through all the misunderstandings and negative ideas we have about God.

In my case it took many years for me to let go of the concept I had of God - an old man in the sky with a beard - so that I could experience the direct presence of God: a presence that is beyond all our concepts and attempts to define it. So now, when I use the God word, I don't mean the God of the Bible or an old man in the sky, I mean the ineffable, invisible and infinite creative power that is the source of everything.


As a die-hard atheist for many years I thought a belief in God was something to be embarrassed about rather than proud of. I dismissed anything to do with spiritual life in the same way - convinced that it was either for the weak or the weird. I have since discovered that I was completely wrong. While I still have reservations about organized religion, I have discovered that living a spiritual life is truly wonderful and the most natural thing in the world.

For spiritual life is about discovering true happiness and wholeness. It is a way of living that enables us to experience meaning, purpose and joy. It is about becoming kinder, wiser and more truly human, living in service to the greater good of all things. It is about developing a personal connection to the creative power that is the source of our being and drawing upon that source for strength and guidance. Ultimately it is about waking up to the truth of who we are, to the presence of the Divine within us and allowing the light and love that is God to flow into our hearts and out into the world. What could be more wonderful than that?