"Catherine is a true gem. She radiates wisdom and compassion and has a genuine gift as a spiritual guide. She can be as practical as she is inspiring. I know that anybody with a longing for happiness and wholeness would feel the gift of her presence in their life."
Gwen Gordon, client

"Catherine has a profound understanding of how to heal and grow. With her help I have found happiness and purpose in my life."
Adam Carter, client


Spiritual counselling helps us to find our way home. Home to the truth of who we really are. Home to the peace, love and wisdom that is our true nature. Home to the experience of authenticity, purpose and wholeness. And we do this by healing the hurts, negative beliefs and stories that prevent us from living in our natural state of happiness and joy. For these wounds and stories are like clouds that form in front of the sun separating us from the light that is always there.

Like all counselling methods spiritual counselling works on the simple, practical level of problem solving and learning how to transform the difficult issues we all have to deal with in our lives. It could be problems at work; or issues of confidence and self-esteem; challenges with your partner or family; or learning how to deal with fear, anger, grief or depression. Or it maybe that we are troubled by something more subtle, an inner feeling of frustration or emptiness, the sense that we have somehow gone off track and lost our purpose, or the persistent feeling that something essential is missing from life.

Whatever the immediate issue, spiritual counselling offers the tools and insights to help you not only to resolve it, but also to discover who you truly are. For, while ordinary psychotherapy concentrates only on the mind and the emotions, spiritual counselling also works on the level of the soul, by gently inviting us to reconnect to our true self and the source of our being - the great mystery we so often refer to as God.

In this way spiritual counselling not only helps us to fulfill our potential and live our lives in a way that is most satisfying and meaningful, it also leads us into an ever deeper experience of the wholeness that is our birthright. For the unbounded love, wisdom and truth of our divine nature is within us all along just waiting for us to discover it.

Spiritual counselling will help you:

Counselling sessions are available either in person in London or on the phone. Sessions usually last an hour. How frequently and how long to have counselling is determined by the client according to their individual need. I am a fully insured member of Independent Professional Therapists International, Membership No: 16960. And I am bound by the Interfaith Seminary Code of Ethics and Practice. Contact me for bookings.