Every day during my training at The Interfaith Seminary we would light a candle as a symbolic reminder of the one light that shines within us all, whatever you choose to call that light. For every spiritual tradition has its own name and way of describing that which is truly beyond all words and they show us that although there are many paths, ultimately there is only one truth. And so all the religions and mystical traditions deserve our appreciation and respect, because they unite us in a common goal to experience and celebrate the source of our being.

As an Interfaith Minister I have explored all the major religions and trained in the practical aspects of ministry, including creating wedding ceremonies, baby, blessings and funerals. The services I offer are especially suited to those who are seeking a spiritual element in their life but are not drawn to traditional religion. Or for those who are bringing different traditions together, for instance a mixed faith couple who want to create a wedding ceremony that honours the wisdom and beauty of both their religions.

To find out more about how I can help you create your own tailor-made ceremony please contact me. For more information on my training as an Interfaith Minister please read my recent article in The Times. Or go to the Interfaith Seminary website: